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Research & Development


Basic policy on research & development

The Research & Development Division collects together the research and development and technologies of Fudow. The Division is located at our Fujinomiya Plant, and each of our R&D teams work on improvements to manufacturing technology and new developments in parallel with each of our manufacturing plants. Day-to-day management is carried out using an groupware, so that the each teams are able to cooperate with one another as they proceed in their work.

Research & Development

Materials/Analysis Team

  • Improved performance of thermosetting resins and new developments in biomass products
  • Development and research into new products
  • Management of patents and intellectual property


CF Team

  • Development of carbon fiber reinforced resin products


Technology Team

  • Development of new molding technologies
  • Design of dies, use of CAE technology in mold analysis, creation of design blueprints
  • Improvements to productivity in molding conditions


Thermoplastics Team


  Fudow Co., Ltd. Research and development Division
5747-6 Aza-Mine, Kitayama, Fujinomiya-City, Shizuoka
C-2, Kitayama Industrial Estate
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