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Fudow Co., Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc., engaged in the manufacture and sale of plastic-related products.
Would you consider joining us to utilize your skills in the field of plastics?


1. We have around 80 years' experience in providing the plastics the world needs.
2. We are at the top of our industry in plastic manufacturing and sales

(1) R&D, manufacturing technology, manufacturing and sales of thermosetting resin materials
(2) Molding/processing, assembly and sales of high-performance, high-strength thermosetting resin molded products
(3) Die manufacture, molding/processing and sale of large-scale thermoplastic resin molded products
(4) Sale of plastics, molding and processing machines and dies, etc.
(5) Manufacture and sale of functional thermosetting resins



We are engaged in the development of new products that meet the needs of our ever-diversifying society, development of environmentally friendly plastic materials, and the development of plastic materials and molded/processed products as required by our customers.

If you would like to use your own strengths in this industry, please get in touch in the first instance. We hope that in the future, you will be able to rise into management, and become a dependable part of our company.


Recruitment information for 2012

Qualifications: Graduates from graduate school or university by March 2011
Selection method: Applications made at any time (include resumé, university transcripts, certificate of prediction to graduate, health assessment)
Recruitment tests: Interview, aptitude testing, written examination
Posts recruited for: Product development/Manufacturing technology
Contact: 5F, NOF Shin-Yokohama Bldg, 2-15-16 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033
5 minutes walk from Shin-Yokohama Station North Gate (JR Tokaido Shinkansen)
1 minute walk from Exit 8 of Shin-Yokohama Station (Yokohama City Subway)
Administration Center, Administration Team, Recruitment Administrator
Tel 045-548-4210
Type of employment: Plastics-related/manufacture and sale of compound resin molding materials or molded products, sale of molding machines and peripheral equipment.
Plants: Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, Kani City, Gifu, Gamagori City, Aichi.
Branches/Sales Offices: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima
Related companies: 100% owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
Capital: 180 million yen
Turnover: 18.7 billion yen (cumulative, as of 31st March 2011)
Employees: 159 (140 men, 19 women) of whom 74 are graduates
Average age: Men 42, Women 38. Retirement: 60
Starting salary: 200,000 yen for graduate
Bonus: Twice yearly (July and December) Salary increase: Once yearly (April)
Working hours: Head Office Sales: 8.45-17.45, Plant: 8.30-17.30 (designated working hours: 1,936 hours)
Benefits: Health and social insurance/Labor insurance/Pension system/Company housing/dormitories/Flexitime system
Additional payments: Overtime payment, sales payment, housing payment, dependents' payment, commuting payment, etc.
Holidays: 123 days per year (2 days off per week, plus national holidays, year-end and summer holidays), annual paid leave, bereavement leave etc.
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