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Introducing our Products

Xylene resin


NIKANOL®, which is a xylene resin, is an oligomer based on m-xylene, developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. It has excellent compatibility with other resins, and is compatible with most main resins, as well as effective in lowering the viscosity and improving the performance of main resins.

Straight type products:Basic resin cross-linking methylene and ether combinations

Modified type products:Resin modified using phenols and/or multivalent alcohols


Thermosetting resin molding material


Thermosetting resins compounds are supplied as pellets, and are highly moldable using injection or compression molding. They can be used for electric or electronic parts.


Phenolic resins molding materials deliver molded products with superior heat resistance,dimenssion stableility and mechanical strength. They are used in coils, motor insulating panels and commutators, etc.


Unsaturated polyester resin molding materials offer products with superior tracking resistance and arc resistance. It is used in plug pipes and relay bases, etc


Diallyl phthalate resin molding materials offer molded products with superior tracking resistance and humidity resistance. They are used in resistor bases, etc.


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