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We undertake everything from design support through to the molding, processing and assembly of thermoplastic resin molded parts and thermosetting resin molded parts.

Thermoplastic resin molded products

Thermoplastic resin molded products Based on our diverse range of molding technologies, including structural foam (SF) process, used to implement low-foam molding, CO-inection (low-foam sandwich molding), injection molding, CINPRES process (gas-assisted molding), etc., we can produce everything from precision components to large-scale items. We can also implement secondary processing such as painting, assembly, etc., of final products.


Carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials Fudow Co., Ltd.'s Functional Molded Products Business Division selects the most appropriate carbon fiber for the need, utilizing its approximately 30 years of molding and processing experience with carbon fiber reinforced plastic compounds (CFRP) in order to supply high-quality compound materials and products.


Thermoplastic resin molding materials (manufactured to order)

We manufacture resin compounds (Reny) made from polyamides (MX nylon) and glass fiber, etc., to order. We also manufacture colored pellets.

Location: Gamagori Plant
Contact: TEL +81-533-68-1215 FAX +81-533-69-3258

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