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Company Organization

Marketing Division

■Materials Sales group
Sales of thermosetting resin molding materials
  Location: Head Office Contact: TEL +81-45-548-4213 FAX +81-045-473-5218

Sale of xylene resins
  Location: Head Office Contact: TEL +81-45-548-4211 FAX +81-45-473-5216
Procurement and sales (Plastic molding materials, molding machinery and dies, etc.)
  Head Office Contact: TEL +81-45-548-4212
  - West Japan Sales Office: Contact: TEL +81-849-26-6100
  - Kita-Kanto Sales Office: Contact: TEL +81-276-55-6240

■Structure members Sales group
Ordering and sales of thermoplastic resin large-scale/molded parts (covers for medical equipment, office machinery, etc., through to precision molding)
  Location: Hiratsuka Plant : TEL +81-463-23-7001 FAX +81-463-23-6009  
Ordering and sales of carbon fiber reinforced resin molded parts and processed composit parts
  Location: Hiratsuka Plant contact:  TEL +81-463-23-7001 FAX +81-463-23-6009


Fujinomiya Plant

Manufacturing of thermosetting resin molding materials
Processing of carbon fiber reinforced products
Manufacture and processing of large-scale/molded products
  Contact: TEL +81-544-59-0300 FAX +81-544-59-0333


Hiratsuka Plant

Manufacture and processing of thermoplastic resin large-scale and molded parts
  Contact: TEL +81-463-23-7001 FAX +81-463-23-6009


Gamagori Plant

Manufacture to order of thermoplastic resin molding materials
  Contact: TEL +81-533-68-1215 FAX +81-533-69-3258


Administration Division

Administration, information systems, accounting
  Location: Head Office Contact: TEL +81-45-548-4210 FAX +81-45-473-5210


Research & Development Division

Research & development, manufacturing technology, creation of blueprints
  Location: Fujinomiya Plant Contact: TEL +81-544-59-0305 FAX +81-544-59-0335


Fudow Tekuno Co., Ltd.

Manufacture to order of thermosetting resins, and contracts to manufacture carbon fiber reinforced resin molded products
  Location: Kani City, Gifu Prefecture Contact: TEL +81-574-62-3591 FAX +81-574-62-1945

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