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  Fudow aims to contribute to our limitless society, and implement improvements to the global environment, and as such we are proactive about developing our business in harmony with people and with the environment.

Our company was founded in 1935, and since then has been engaged mainly in the manufacture of phenol resins and molding materials, as well as developing business as a plastics-related integrated manufacturer of various types of thermosetting resin molding materials, thermoplastic resin specialist molding and processing, engineering plastics, injection molding equipment, the procurement and sale of plastic molding-related equipment, and the manufacture and sale of molding dies. Our plastic products today are used across a range of industries, including electrical and electronic, automobile, information communications, and medical equipment, and we are an invaluable partner for many companies in these industries.

In the future, Fudow aims to contribute even further to our limitless society and implement improvements in the global environment, through research and development that is compatible with the changes that are taking place in the world, and the planning of products that meet our customers’ needs, and through developing highly productive systems, excellent products and customer service that makes the most of our networks. We are committed to developing our business in harmony with people and with the environment.

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